Space Audio Light Series
SMATE wireless Sound bar Light Series
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Sound like never before!

Free your senses with breathtaking space audio SMATE Light Series Sound bar SM1SB2.1LT90 under design.

It’s designed with advanced algorithm used for digital signal processing & amplification of sound signal to generate high quality sound in the audible frequency range and prevent speaker damage.

Its distinguishing design feature is wireless connection to 2.4G wireless devices like your smart TV, which means no hassles of cables. The other design feature which stands out is the wireless sub-woofer which again means no messy cables and install it to suit your internal room layout.

Based on customer feedback for a higher output soundbar with powerful bass which is light weight and sleek we are designing this Light Series Soundbar to output massive 90W making it suitable for home setting & media room.

It’s that simple! Smart sound for smart people!




  • Connect your TV with 2.4G Wireless or AuX input or Optical input to bring your media room to life with crystal clear sound
  • Wireless sub-woofer
  • Clear sound quality with DSP & deep bass sound effect with Dolby digital surround sound
  • Wirelessly connect seamlessly with blueconnect technology for Bluetooth devices
  • 4Xbuilt-in speakers with DSP for crystal clear and big sound impact
  • USB built in lets you enjoy & share the experience of your favourite music anytime
  • Fully functional remote gives you the convenience to operate from anywhere with the magic touch of your fingers
  • Super slim and light makes it very easy to install & integrate with your existing surrounds
  • Super metallic finish & style makes it a piece of art to boast of
  • 4G Wireless/ SRS/USB/AUX/Optical/Coaxial/Bluetooth support
  • Output power: 90W (RMS)
  • Woofer 5.25” 4Ω30W X1
  • Soundbar 2” 4Ω15W X 4

Spatial Information


Subwoofer Size(L*D*H): 872*669*350mm
Satellite Size(L*D*H): 993*590*165mm

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