Theatre-Series: All in one powerful Soundbars with patented design technology
Let’s get serious with SMATE Theatre Series soundbars to leave your senses fully turned on, forgetting the rest!
There will be little left to imagination with the SMATE Theatre Series sound bars transforming your living, rumpus or commercial space into a theatre like experience.
Customer reviews, “Donna was confused with so many options to get the sound experience she needed with her new Smart UHD TV as most TV’s speakers are limited with theatre like HD sound quality. Her confusion was long gone after she read about the SMATE Theatre Series Soundbar and decided to buy it. Not only has it transformed her media room into a theatre like experience with easy set-up connection and HD sound quality but she also uses the SMATE soundbar for regular listening to music from her mobile phone and media player via Bluetooth. She highly recommends the SMATE soundbar with no more confusion with the purchasing decision.” What are you waiting for, get one today!
Designed with patented technology to provide theatre audio experience, the soundbars integrates structural design & phase control technology to deliver the surround sound effect with sound reflection & delay technology.
Seamless & quick connection to home theaters, TV’s, mobile devices, portable media devices, computers, USB’s etc with quick plug ‘n’ play set-up. The touch control & LED display makes it easy and leaves nothing for guess work. It’s that simple smart sound for smart people!
Built in 6 channel amplifier with real 5.1 channel surround sound and support for AC3/DTS 5.1 decoder
Current models available: SMATE 150W Theatre Soundbar – SM2SB5.1TH150Kinma & SMATE 125W Theatre Soundbar – SM2SB5.1TH125Kinma

Theatre Series
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Let’s get serious with SMATE Theatre Series soundbars to transform...
Let’s get serious with SMATE Theatre Series soundbars to transform...