Theatre-Series: All in one powerful Soundbars with patented design technology
Let’s get serious with SMATE Theatre Series Soundbars!
SMATE Theatre Series sound bars will transform your living, rumpus or commercial space into a theatre like experience.


Designed with patented technology to provide the ultimate theatre audio experience, SMATE Soundbars integrate structural design and phase control technology to deliver the ultimate surround sound effect with sound reflection and delay technology.  SMATE’s cutting edge technology ensures the delivery of high quality, crisp sound.
Customer review:


I was confused by all the options to get the sound experience I needed with my new Smart UHD TV as TV speakers can be limited in sound quality.  I came across SMATE and saw a few of their reviews online and decided to buy a SMATE Theatre Series Soundbar.  I’m so glad I did.   Not only has it transformed my media room into a theatre like experience, the soundbar was really easy to set up.  I also use the Soundbar with my mobile phone and media player via Bluetooth.   I couldn’t recommend SMATE highly enough. 
Sue, Sydney

SMATE Soundbars are easy to set up.   They connect to home theatres, TVs, mobile devices, portable media devices, computers, USBs etc with quick plug ‘n’ play set-up. The touch control and LED display makes it easy to use.  They are beautifully designed and integrate into virtually any space.


It’s that simple, smart sound for smart people!
Built in 6 channel amplifier with real 5.1 channel surround sound and support for AC3/DTS 5.1 decoder
Current models available: SMATE 150W Theatre Soundbar – SM2SB5.1TH150Kinma & SMATE 125W Theatre Soundbar – SM2SB5.1TH125Kinma
Light series: Compact and sleek Soundbars to enhance your sound experience
The SMATE Light Series Soundbar delivers high quality surround sound in a beautifully designed compact unit.
Designed to perfection with state of the art acoustics, mechanical, electronic and quality engineering, the Soundbar is light weight, easy to install and integrates well into any environment.
Customer review.


“I wanted a soundbar under $200 which I could connect to my projector and also listen to audio for my meeting room. This SMATE Soundbar has been perfect from the word go with the whole experience of buying, installing (wall mount) and quick and easy set-up.  It’s amazingly simple to operate and can be used for multiple applications.  I often stay back in the evenings after work to enjoy the footy with colleagues and it’s an amazing experience”.
Paul, Melbourne

Boasting state of the art wireless connections, SMATE’s patented Blue Connect technology will seamlessly connect the Soundbar to your preferred devices at the touch of your fingers.  It delivers natural sound with deep bass sound effect filling every corner of the room.  Listen to your music, TV, videos, games within seconds wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth devices.
It’s that simple! Smart sound for smart people!
Current models available: SMATE 60W Light Series – SM1SB2.1 & SMATE 90W Light Series – SM1SB2.1LT90 (Under development to be launched soon)


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Let’s get serious with SMATE Theatre Series soundbars to transform...
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SMATE Dolby Digital Surround Sound 5.1 channel Bluetooth HDMI COAX OPTICAL AV Karaoke Soundbar
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Let’s get serious with SMATE Theatre Series soundbars to transform...
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