Roaming Series: Completely wireless for on-ear and in-ear headphones.
Feel free with our Roaming Series SMATE Headphones
With advanced technology on the go like DSP, Bluetooth, FM radio, Ultra Touch Volume control, Noise-Cancelling microphone and much more… you have plenty to keep you connected and fly with our Roaming Series SMATE Headphones
Check out who is loving our headphones, ” Jezriel Ganino (link name to famous blogger loves our on-ear & in-ear headphones”.
Current models available: SMATE On-Ear Headphone – SM1HPN2.1 & SMATE In-Ear Headphone – SM2HPS2.1

Roaming Series
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66 % discount
$79.00  $237.00
SMATE Roaming Series On-Ear Headphones will instantly transform the meaning of...
56 % discount
SMATE "In Ear Sports Wireless Headphone Roaming Series"
$49.00  $112.00
Clear Sound on the go with SMATE Roaming Series In-Ear...