Pure Series : SMATE Active Noise cancelling headphones with no external noise
For me, you & nothing in between…………….the magic of sound from SMATE Pure Headphone Series
Get lost in the pureness of sound has to offer with SMATE noise cancelling pure headphones
See what our nature loving Teresa has to say, “I love my bushwalks in the blue mountains listening to my favourite music & nothing else in the perfect nature setting. The headphones are so comfortable & light weight that I forget they are on my head. Thanks SMATE for a wonderful product”.
Active noise cancelling reducing ambient noise by 90% with patented Bongiovi DPS technology

Latest bluetooth standard with HD sound and NFC touch

Ambient sound mode for vocal clarity

Patented DPS technology for stereo field, sound stage, voice clarity enhancement, dynamic range control, speaker protection, bass enhancement, user tone control, automatic volume control & ultra-high frequency enhancement
Current models available: Active Noise Cancelling SMATE Headphone – SMPSHPNC1

Pure Series
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Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth NFC Headphones
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SMATE Active Noise cancelling wireless headphones with no external...