Gaming Series: For custom gaming headphones
X-treme gaming…Get your gear on to transform the world around you with SMATE Gaming Series Headphones
Focus 100% on your skills for the next move….with immersive sense of sound supporting you in the gaming world….Use your head to focus to WIN forgetting what’s on your head with SMATE Gaming Series Headphones
See what our expert gamer Krishna has to say, “I spend 3-4 hrs each day playing games online and needed a good quality yet cost effective headphone. Came across SMATE Gaming Headphone on google and simply love them. They are super comfortable and easy to use. The sound quality is superb to a point where I use them all day for all sorts of things like listening to music from my mobile phone, making phone calls when travelling and of course my favourite part Gaming when I’m back home and ready for another battle”.
DSP technology, these headphones are designed to complete your audio-visual experience actual reality not virtual reality. Crystal clear audio, surround sound effect, punchy bass, noise-cancelling micro-phone and much more…….
Current models available: SMATE Gaming Headphone – SMGSHPGM1


Gaming Series
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Gaming Headphone PS4 Xbox Computer Series
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SMATE 'Gaming' Series headphones for extreme gaming and serious online...