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Do you really need a Soundbar?

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We have all seen the latest trend in consumer electronics with the rise of Soundbars in the market to more or less suit all budget types from well-known to generic brands. So what is the fuss all about and do you really need a sound bar?

If the sole purpose for you is to watch TV and you are not fussed about the audio quality of the TV as most users these days have a flat panel TV.  And most of them are limited with their sleek design to not integrate high powered speakers, then the answer is no. For simple viewing of the TV, where you are not concerned with the audio quality why bother with the extra expense of a soundbar.

Most good quality soundbars these days come standard with bluetooth mode or USB plug ‘n’ play to connect with mobile, mp3 and Bluetooth enabled devices, which makes it an attractive proposition for not only connecting to TV but also other audio devices and indulge a bit more into good audio quality. Soundbars are relatively inexpensive when you factor the cost of other space audio options, functionality and ability to connect with televisions & multiple devices. So if you are a user who values the added functionality, uses and audio quality, then it’s a great gadget to have. And typically soundbars are low maintenance which will last you for a long time.

In addition a soundbar with optical connection, AV connection, 3.5mm audio connection and HDMI connection makes it even more attractive to connect to multiple devices and have multiple uses of it.

A soundbar with 5.1 channels and upwards of 100W output makes it even a better proposition to consider for good quality audio experience and multiple uses. Like for like investing in a home theatre system with limited device connection options, complex connections and the price tag makes soundbars even more appealing.

Nowadays, installing soundbars is relatively easy with various options like wall mount or entertainment unit mount depending on your TV or home setting. With various designs to consider it makes them add value to your home furniture aesthetics and settings at the same time.

It pays to do your research and invest in a good quality soundbar which can keep you happy for a long time to come with the intended use.

In terms of your own personal use requirements & quality consider soundbars which have USB connection, Bluetooth connection, optical connection, AV connection, 3.5mm audio connection and remote control as a minimum to allow for flexibility with various uses and functionality.

If your soundbar is backed by atleast 12 months warranty support, patented technology and is from a reputable local brand then it’s even better to offer you peace of mind with the purchase.

We are finding with technology innovation it’s only a matter of time before soundbars will start replacing the traditional home theatre systems for residential and semi-commercial use.

Hope our readers can make an informed decision with investing in audio solutions for their needs. Please stay tuned for more articles on Space Audio trends and product innovation.

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